Sunday, December 04, 2016

Quick, make plans to move your business elsewhere

The current political climate of making Britain/America 'great again' seems to involve the government providing assistance (e.g. tax breaks, hand-outs, protective promises, etc) in order to keep relatively inefficient jobs in place - sorry, I mean't 'to save great, fantastic jobs that are under threat by foreigners'.

I'm fully against these policies and yet if I ran a business, it would be unjust to see the scales tip to favour my less efficient competitors, so the 'unintended consequence' is that I too would try to get my snout in the trough.

So, if you operate a reasonably sized business, it's probably worthwhile making plans to exit a portion of the local workforce in favour of hiring cheaper workers abroad, and then making these plans public as 'something we are seriously thinking about doing'. This will provide you with some good ammunition to go hunting for support.

Don't get the current 'pro-business' political stance confused with capitalism and the free market.

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