Friday, November 04, 2016

Self-serving post - catching up with some shorts

I just checked a past post when I last looked at a few stocks on the short side. Here's an update:

- Fitbit: These guys were trading at approx $28.50 when I first commented. The stock is now trading at a meagre $8.80.
- Game Group: mentioned looking the short side at before they floated. It's now at just 67p. I would take profits here because even though they've got a dead business model they also appear to have quite a bit of cash on their books.

This only begs the question why the bejeezers didn't I stick these trades on and keep them on.

For the record, I've also just bought the pound at 1.23 against the dollar - no doubt this one will go sideways on me. If I remember to, I'll post an update on the trade when I exit, although it's a lowith a hold of maybe a year or so, unless something really unexpected happens and I decide to get out early.

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