Friday, November 11, 2016

Book: A Life of Inner Quality

I didn't read this one through to the end but I did at least extract a few quotes before discarding the book, which came across as a little too prescriptive. I guess that shouldn't have come as a surprise, given that the text comprises a series of talks given by a monk to other Buddhist followers.


The Buddha ... taught us not to treat discontent and suffering - which are effects - but to treat the causes, the deficiencies that bring them about.

... he taught the Noble truths so that people would become wise enough to rid themselves of suffering, both on the external level - family, home, society, work - and on the internal level, the sufferings that arise exclusively within the heart.

The Noble Truths teach us to be intelligent in running our lives.

The path refers to the techniques for cutting away at the three forms of craving step by step. 

The Dhamma teaches us to be grateful to out benefactors, such as our parents and our teachers. Anyone who has cared for us, we should respect and help whenever the occasion calls for it. Don't be callous, stubborn, or proud of your higher status or education. Always bear your benefactors' kindnesses in mind. matter how knowledgeable we may be, we couldn't get that way without our teachers. ..Buddha teaches us to respect our parents and teachers as the first step in becoming a decent human being.

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