Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Film To Rome With Love

If you like Woody Allen, To Rome With Love ticks all the boxes. It is light and airy and has the high quality dialogue that fans will have come to expect. The movie is worth watching for the Robert Benigi scenes alone; in Benigi's sub-story, Allen provides genius commentary on the fleeting and fickle nature of celebrity, and how the media latches on and obsesses about every little detail of the celebrity's life.


Michelangelo: He sings for pleasure, not money.

Jerry: Well, there's a great deal of pleasure in money. You know, you... it's green and crinkly. You can fondle the bills.


Jack: With age comes wisdom.

John: With age comes exhaustion.


John: John: And you buy into her bullshit because she seems to know all the right things to say. She knows names, she knows buzzwords, she knows certain cultural phrases that imply that she knows more than she does.


Jack: It's sort of charming that she's a con artist.

John: Yes. She does have a certain something, which trumps logic. So go ahead, walk into the propeller.

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