Saturday, June 11, 2016

Film: Irrational Man - A Woody Allen movie

In the Woody Allen movie 'Irrational Man', Joaquin Phoenix plays Abe Lucas, a disillusioned philosophy professor who is stuck in the standard 'everything all meaningless' existential crisis - this is a flaw in the movie as a philosophy professor surely would have thought through all these obstacles in his early years of study, and yet the flaw is necessary to the plot so we'll have to forgive it. The overall story, which is filled with a pot-pourri of existential teachings, is actually quite memorable and exemplary, the insight being how an individual can suddenly find not only meaning in an irrational act, but that the new meaning can enliven and infuse the person with a new positive life force, even though the end may a destructive one.


Prof. Abe Lucas: "One day a person has a more as of complicated and unsolvable problems then in the batting of an eye, dark clouds part and you can enjoy a decent life again. It's just astounding. I'm Abe Lucas. I've had many experiences and now a unique one. This was the meaningful act I was searching for."

Prof. Abe Lucas: "Kant said human reason is troubled by questions that it cannot dismiss, but also cannot answer."

Prof. Abe Lucas: "It's very scary when you run out of distractions."

Prof. Abe Lucas: ... I'm blocked, I can't write.
Rita: Why?
Prof. Abe Lucas: I can't write cause I can't breathe.
Rita: What would get you breathing again?
Prof. Abe Lucas: The will to breathe, inspiration

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