Thursday, June 23, 2016

A log of animal observations in Englefield Green

In a couple of weeks I will be moving out of my current residence in Englefield Green. Here is a log of encounters with various animals over the past few months: 

Rabbits - the above photo was taken 10 minutes ago. These rabbits pay no mind to other animals but are easily started by the sight of humans.
Green Parakeets - boy are these birds noisy
Deer - when we had a fence panel down, a couple of deer would come into the garden a few times a week. Apparently one deer still jumps over the fence for the occasional walk around.
Rat - A monster sized rat was spotted scurrying about the garden.  
Squirrels - constantly scampering about the garden.
Duck with a string of ducklings - came in through the gap in the fence and took hours to find their way back out. 
Mouse - blasted critter found its way into my food cupboard, clambered up some bananas, having a nibble along the way, and destroyed my muesli. For several days afterwards, I could hear the creature scurrying around in the cavity underneath the kitchen cupboards. 
Hornets - A couple of these scary looking beasts found their way in to the house
Honeybees - Over a couple of days, loads of honey bees were crawling out through the fireplace in my bedroom and buzzing about the place. I was pretty sure they'd made a home in the chimney but within two days there was no sight nor sound of them.
Red Kites - These majestic scavengers are increasingly common in these parts.
Fox - never spotted but they made a loud howling/barking noise at night. Also, I left a pair of muddy trainers in the porchway and they broke in and ran off with them!
Cat - my companion when I'm enjoying a good book. He has his own chair:

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