Friday, May 20, 2016

3 things you really need to know about this blog author

Hah hah, made you click.

Listy articles with click-baity titles are spreading across the Internet like a the plague. I'm seeing them appear in the financial media with increasing frequency, even from the likes of the FT, who are actually doing an okay job of it so far.  Bloomberg however are once again are making a dog's dinner of things. I clicked on a Bloomberg article titled something like '5 things you need to know to start your day' and it was basically a short paragraph on five topics in the press. A better title would simply have been 'Morning Summary'. I do like the Bloomberg iPad app but their website layout doesn't sit right and they seem to be going after the millennial market with their naff article titles. It's an interesting demographic to go for, as I'm not sure that's where the money many millennial clicks equal that of a well heeled moneyed individual? I'd like to think they have done the analytics.

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