Thursday, April 14, 2016

Netflix: Dreamland

Netflix has a neat Australian office comedy called 'Dreamland' tucked away in its catalogue. It pretty much nails the absurdities of the modern workplace.

One of my favourite clips (the first half of the video below) is of an employee who is being performance reviewed. He can't hold himself back from from spewing out meaningless jargon-laden sentences, some of which I plan to sneak in to my next appraisal. As a self assessment the employee believes he is 'delivering desired performance outcomes on a consistent basis'. He is 'task orientated', which means he is oriented .... to task. During his short time in the organization, he has 'contributed to the functionality and efficiency of the workplace' and has best of all is his key strength which is his  'general tendency to identify, strategise and solve problems as they arise.'

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