Saturday, February 06, 2016

23andme - a review

Just before Christmas I sent a vial of my saliva to a company called 23andMe, the world's largest personal genetics company. 23andMe extracts and analyses the DNA to provide a raft of detailed information covering aspects of ancestry and health. The ancestry information is pretty interesting but it's the health information that has made the exercise worth the £125 fee, several times over. The health info includes reports on inherited conditions, traits, likely drug responses and genetic risk factors.

Here's a short video of how 23andMe processes the DNA. In a nutshell, the saliva only holds 0.5% DNA, so they amplify it, embed it into a special chip, and analyse it.

Here's my ancestry breakdown at the highest certainty level of 90%:

Things get more interesting when the strictness is reduce. Here's my ancestry breakdown at the lowest certainty level of greater than 51%:
Here's some information on traits:

And here's the neanderthal DNA report. Finally, I'm above average in something!

Note, this is just small sampling of the information provided.

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