Monday, January 18, 2016

Films: Star Wars & Rango

The latest installment of Star Wars is an enjoyable film that is worth seeing at the big screen if you are remotely interested in this kind of thing. I do think the movie it felt too much like a deliberate nostalgic mash-up and was lacking in originality to warrant the high praise being heaped upon it, but perhaps the expectations bar was set a little too high for this one.

*** 1/2

I also saw the animated feature Rango (2011) on Netflix the following day and thought it was pretty dang amazing. The script is clever and zippy, and while it is probably several steps too advanced for the younger audience, the quality of the animation visuals is up there with the best I have seen (possibly even the best), and this seemed sufficient to keep young minds transfixed.


Talking about aninations, I'm surprised we haven't seen a full scale animated feature that is targeted only at the mature audience. Movies like Rango and The Fanastastic Mr.Fox may appeal across the spectrum but just once I would like to see somebody like Tarantino go wild with his imagination and create something for the grown-ups. Such a movie could always be cut and modified to make a PG version at low cost, if this was deemed necessary for the numbers to work. The funny thing is we haven't really see anyone even try this, but here's hoping.

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