Monday, January 11, 2016

Book: Plum Pie by P.G. Wodehouse

I do have high expectations when I pick up a Wodehouse, and while they weren't dashed completely in this instance, I'd say about half of the stories from Plum Pie just didn't take.


Memorable language

'I believe he gave uniform satisfaction, sir.'

'a man of infinite resource'

'waterfront language'

'Yes, sir, a stiffness certainly existed. There was no fusion between your souls.'

'Yes, sir. Mr Eggleston is one of our angry young novelists.' ...'What's he angry about?'.
'Life, sir.'
'He disapproves of it?'
'So one would gather from his output, sir.'

'...did you happen to drink in any of the conversation that was taking place?'

It was one of those trains that has not become attuned to the modern spirit of speed and hustle...

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