Saturday, January 09, 2016

Book: Mr Mulliner Speaking

Mr Mulliner Speaking is another corker of a collection of stories from the great P.G. Wodehouse. It's not quite on par with Meet Mr Mulliner, but is still a top notch comic read.


Memorable lines and snippets

'Be big and broad. Think spaciously.'

'....all his better nature recoiled from it.'

'...he was a man with a position to keep. Younger men looked up to him for guidance.'

'My views in kindness to animals is rigid. My impulse, on encountering a rabbit, is to offer it lettuce. To my family, on the other hand, a rabbit is incomplete without a deposit of small shot in it.
..My elder brother Reginald spreads destruction in every branch of the animal kingdom'.

'It is pretty generally recognised that he is beyond the reach human science. The only thing seems to be to let him go on til he eventually runs down.'

'She had supposed him one who lived, far above this world's coarseness and grime, on a rarified plane of his own, thinking beautiful thoughts.'

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