Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Orphan Black - Helena

Orphan Black is a hugely enjoyable series about clones and conspiracies. Series 1 and 2 are available on Netflix and Series 3 is on BBC's iplayer (for the time being).

My favourite clone is Helena, the feral Ukranian assassin. She is properly unstable, has an imaginery scorpion called Pupok as a companion, and comes out with all the best lines.

Helena Quotes

Interrogator: [to Helena] "Conclusion: all mangoes are cheap. Is that a sound conclusion based on those statements?"
Pupok the Scorpion: "We like mangoes".
Interrogator: "Please concentrate. All mangoes are cheap. True or false?"
Pupok the Scorpion: "Where are these mangoes?"
Helena: [to the interrogator] "Where are these mangoes?"

"What have they done to you? Are you okay?” – Sarah
“I am most wonderful.” – Helena

“Now we are even, sestra.” – Helena

“Sarah’s lying. She’s poison. She’s gonna melt you like butter.” – Pupok
“Shut up about the butter!” – Helena

"You make me cry, sestra". - Helena

"Come on, meathead" - Sarah Manning
"Don't call me this." - Helen

Carl: "Ahh! Jeez! You broke my finger!"
Helena: "Don't be baby. I only sprain. Next one I break."

Jesse: "You know what? You have real pretty eyes."
Helena: "You have a nice hat. Very nice red face."

Helena: "There was a woman in convent like you. You touch her again, and I will gut you like a fish."

“In convent, I live for four  months in a broom closet. I do not rot.” – Helena

Rudy: "Do you remember your childhood?"
Helena: "Every minute."
Rudy: "I remember sleeping, my brothers breathing in unison. We'd sleepwalk out of bed and all pile up in a corner like puppies."
Helena: "When I was nine I was made to shoot puppy."

Pupok: "We don't have much time before the drugs set in."
Helena: "My arm is like dead fish."

“To a rat, a small hole is like a door.” – Helena

“Come on, Helena. I know you’re planning some kind of escape.” – Sarah
“I have no plan. I’m institutionalized.” – Helena

“You want to be my sandwich?” – Helena
“What?” – Sarah
“In Siberia, when planning escape, you take weak person with you. They are called sandwich because you eat them.” – Helena

Apologies, I've lost the original source for the animated gifs (i.e. they're not mine).

Thursday, October 15, 2015

One for the archives: Trading the markets with Amstrad CPC 464's "Stockmarket"

I just found this picture of an old Amstrad CPC 464 computer game called 'Stockmarket'. This little game was my introduction to the world of trading the markets.


The Economist - short video on slaughterhouses

I watched this video and realised there's a book by Temple Grandin in my library (okay, it's more of a pile). May be time to get reading.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Connie to the Wonnie

A couple of recent comics from Connie to the Wonnie:

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Gym thoughts

  • Gym paradox: the majority of people I see at the gym are already in a good state of health. i.e. the people who would benefit most from being at the gym are somewhere else. If I was desperately overweight and moderately self conscious, getting my foot through the door of a modern gym would be a difficult mental step.
  • Modern gyms have all kinds of machines and contraptions but they tend to lack in the important basics i.e. a decent barbell training areas with squat racks etc. My local gym is pretty large and it has a single squat rack and just a single long bar. When members are given a guide, they should be shown how to perform basic free weight exercises (squat, bench, deadlift, press). The free weights areas never have poster guidance on good form.
  • The strength training lifestyle can create an exterior impression of somebody who is in a state of great health or at least on the path of good, healthy living. Gee, look at all that brown rice, steamed veg and dry chicken this guy's eating! However, for so many people in this weird realm of existence, injury is also part of the lifestyle. Shoulder and back injuries seem to top the billing. The situation gets worse if object and action are then out of line i.e. the person thinks they are working to one goal but they are working to another (e.g. quicker changes in physical appearance at the expense of long run health). It's no mystery why do you don't see that many middle aged men performing performing the bench press - by the time a gym dude is in their grey years, their shoulder joints are often wrecked. Being acutely aware of the non-linear relationship between work out effort and health benefits is crucial.