Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Game over for Game Group?


In 2014 I wrote of Game Group:
'Just read they are planning to re float on the stock market with a value of around 400 million pounds. It hasn't been that long since they went into administration.
May be time to start sharpening the 'shorting' knives ; )'
UPDATE - I did indeed go short for a little while but decided to close the position and focus on more boring investments. Anybody still on the short side will have a big smile on their face today, as the stock has fallen 38% against yesterday's close. It's no great surprise that sales are slumping for these guys. After all, they sell a digital product on the high street. 

My next favorite short: if my broker allowed for it I would short the bejeezers out of Fitbit, a US based fitness tracker company. Unfortunately, my broker is only accepting long only positions in this stock.

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