Saturday, November 14, 2015

Windows 10 versus Apple's ios9

- Windows 10 installed on my IBM X200 with nary a hitch and it feels as if the new environment has given this creaky old laptop a renewed breath of life. It feels nimble, light, and intuitive.

- I also recently installed ios9.1 on my ipad mini, a device which is way,way newer than the old IBM notepad. Alas, my ipad slowed to a non-responsive crawl and ios9.1 quickly felt more like a virus than an official upgrade. I event went to an Apple store and even called their helpline for advice. After a 'turn it off and turn it back on again', things seemed a little quicker but there was still way too much lag. Neither store nor helpdesk had apparently come across this issue before, although they were very friendly and customer orientated, which is something at least. A few minutes of searching online revealed that laggy response times are actually a known issue and after following the guidance here, things have much improved. That said, if I had the option to go back to the the previous ios without any hassle, I would take it.

So, it looks like Microsoft has finally won a round in the battle of the operating systems. In a nutshell Win10 made my old machine feel new whereas ios9.1 made a newer machine feel old.

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