Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Orphan Black - Helena

Orphan Black is a hugely enjoyable series about clones and conspiracies. Series 1 and 2 are available on Netflix and Series 3 is on BBC's iplayer (for the time being).

My favourite clone is Helena, the feral Ukranian assassin. She is properly unstable, has an imaginery scorpion called Pupok as a companion, and comes out with all the best lines.

Helena Quotes

Interrogator: [to Helena] "Conclusion: all mangoes are cheap. Is that a sound conclusion based on those statements?"
Pupok the Scorpion: "We like mangoes".
Interrogator: "Please concentrate. All mangoes are cheap. True or false?"
Pupok the Scorpion: "Where are these mangoes?"
Helena: [to the interrogator] "Where are these mangoes?"

"What have they done to you? Are you okay?” – Sarah
“I am most wonderful.” – Helena

“Now we are even, sestra.” – Helena

“Sarah’s lying. She’s poison. She’s gonna melt you like butter.” – Pupok
“Shut up about the butter!” – Helena

"You make me cry, sestra". - Helena

"Come on, meathead" - Sarah Manning
"Don't call me this." - Helen

Carl: "Ahh! Jeez! You broke my finger!"
Helena: "Don't be baby. I only sprain. Next one I break."

Jesse: "You know what? You have real pretty eyes."
Helena: "You have a nice hat. Very nice red face."

Helena: "There was a woman in convent like you. You touch her again, and I will gut you like a fish."

“In convent, I live for four  months in a broom closet. I do not rot.” – Helena

Rudy: "Do you remember your childhood?"
Helena: "Every minute."
Rudy: "I remember sleeping, my brothers breathing in unison. We'd sleepwalk out of bed and all pile up in a corner like puppies."
Helena: "When I was nine I was made to shoot puppy."

Pupok: "We don't have much time before the drugs set in."
Helena: "My arm is like dead fish."

“To a rat, a small hole is like a door.” – Helena

“Come on, Helena. I know you’re planning some kind of escape.” – Sarah
“I have no plan. I’m institutionalized.” – Helena

“You want to be my sandwich?” – Helena
“What?” – Sarah
“In Siberia, when planning escape, you take weak person with you. They are called sandwich because you eat them.” – Helena

Apologies, I've lost the original source for the animated gifs (i.e. they're not mine).

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