Thursday, July 23, 2015

A race to the top - city skyscrapers

While I've never much cared for cityscapes, it is interesting to observe the extent to which London's skyline is being transformed by skyscrapers.  It's also just been reporting that Paris is also joining in on this race to the top. Note, none of this would have been possible without the invention of the humble elevator.

While these structures of glass and steel appear to me a little cold and dystopian (a rebellious response to growing up in Milton Keynes, perhaps?), I don't have enough information to form an informed opinion on the transforming skyline and look forward to finding out how these experiments in vertical living turn out.

One thing we can say is that despite the availability of high quality video conferencing technology, living and working from the suburbs doesn't have quite the same draw as being physically present in the heart of a thriving city, despite all its drawbacks. In the future, self-driving automatic cars will further increase the appeal of living away from the city, but I imagine this effect will be also be a muted one.

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