Friday, June 12, 2015

The Economist: Films

I'm intrigued. The Economist has launched a short films website. Their main website has included various multi-media (podcasts, short videos, interactives) for as long as I can remember, and moving into longer films is a perfectly logical progression. I'm not sure how they'll monetise the venture but I hope it works out and that the channel is here for the long haul. The two documentary videos they've put together so far are made to a high standard and the material is very engaging (why can't I embed them here to share the love?). One is about the future of drones and the other about the success of the decriminalisation of drugs in Portugal and Colorado. Head over and enjoy.

Given the amount of time, money and organisation that goes into making these films, it wouldn't take much more resource to turn these videos into full length documentaries for sale to a tv network. It's got me thinking the Economist has the seeds to be something much bigger, something like Reuters or Bloomberg but without the razzle dazzle intraday market movements, which the main newswires feed on like wild hyena. Yes, a kind of thinking man's newswire. This I could tune in to, if I had a tv and paid a tv license.

You can but dream.

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