Thursday, June 11, 2015

Food: the portmanteau series

"Chickerel" is what is equals and it's a breakthrough.

Recipe and method: Unload a can of drained chickpeas and a tin of mackerel into a pan. Heat through, stirring to break up the fish, and adding soy sauce, pepper and chili oil to taste. Plate it up. Enjoy. 

I eat my chickerel straight up but imagine it would go quite nicely with some white rice. Benefits of chickerel include: you're scoring around 38g of protein; it counts as one of your five a day; it provides a dose of that good fish oil they keep talking about; it uses your store cupboard basics; the all in cost is about one pound.

Perhaps this meal is beneath you? It is, after all, a coarse and hurried affair.  Like the man below, do you turn your nose up at chickerel? For such discerning readers amongst you, I recommend starting the recipe by delicately sautéing up some onions and maybe even some green peppers. I'm sure this will adds a little something to the recipe. More importantly, by this simple step we have elevated the dish several echelons by using the word sauté.

Chickerel: truly it is a dish for all.

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