Wednesday, April 15, 2015

tsundoku just got a whole load worse

I got paid today and decided to spend a portion of the ill-gotten payola on some books at the local charity shop. Authors netted in the haul included the likes of Aldous Huxley, Nabokov, Khalil Gibran, Theodore Zeldin, Muriel Spark, Balzac, Primo Levi and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It is a great many great books for little money (£13.50). Several of the books are old and well worn, with yellowed pages and that wonderfully musty smell I find so appealing ... aah yes, that sweet, comforting 'book must' with hints of wood, grass and perhaps even vanilla.

I want to read these all these books, I really do, but I must recognise the futility of the task ahead and accept that these purchases will most likely serve as a feedstock for my stalagmites of unread books (picture below). The Japanese call this tsundoku.

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