Friday, April 24, 2015

The amusing never-knowing-ness of it all

I find it interesting how, from afar, something can appear totally foreign, nothing more than a label. Before I knew of the label I may not have known the thing even existed. Now it is there, floating all alone in the mists of my misunderstandings; a label, a label signifying the existence of a something, an anything e.g. a physical thing, a concept, an idea, a realisation. Now I know that I do not know. There is a hole.

The label becomes a something when a credible authority provides a description, definition, or explanation of what 'it' is or what 'it' means. The something is given mental form. Now it can take shape and act as a building block in my tower of knowledge, as it extends my understanding of the world. Now I think I know. The hole is filled in.

But then, one thing leads to another, and after a little digging and delving, and I am always digging and delving, I kind of start moving forward in reverse as I appreciate the 'greyness' of it all. It is never as clear as it first appeared, things never are. Now I know I do not know. The hole is both filled and not filled.

This is what I have experienced in so many domains, including economics, psychology, history and biology. It may not be the way in more concrete domains such as physics, maths (although they still have their puzzles), but for everything else it's endless rabbit holes of infinite wonderment. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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