Monday, April 06, 2015

Coca cola, HTC and advertising associations

Coca Cola have launched a 250ml sized can, a savvy move as the 330ml sized can pose a bit of a challenge to this humble blogger's digestive system. And with my local store selling three of the new smaller sized cans for a pound, they could well have a new customer. Black poison, I welcome you back in to the fold with open arms.

It's interesting how large corporation use marketing to create emotional associations with their products. In one marketing drive, Coca Cola associate their drink with happiness ("open happiness"). Philosophers have been searching for happiness for eons, if only Coca Cola had told them sooner. But this is not just any happiness, no, this is a special kind of happiness, the kind that decays your teeth and leaves you unable to sleep. Still, three cans for a pound.

Also, note how companies such as the mobile tech giant hTc (it does look like they have an upper case T in the middle of their logo) are appealing directly to our baser instincts. The adverts below are from hTc's latest product launch. They say buy the phone so the 'Others' will stare and drool over your status symbol. Of course, the truth is that the 'Others' won't care after an initial 'hey, so you got a new phone, neat'. The real learning for people who buy the phone on the back of the marketing will be that other people are too busy being focused on themselves, and that any attention they pay to you will be fleeting. Each person is the center of their own world and a new phone ain't gonna change that. It is a useful lesson to learn. hTc, I may have underestimated your subversive intentions!

In contrast, L'Oreal's long running 'because you're worth it' campaign appeals to the ego and the vanity of the individual but at least it's appealing to an inner self worth, although it's a bit ironic that the product is one that 'improves' how you look, largely to make the consumer more attractive in the eyes of others. 

Perhaps L'Oreal and hTC could benefit from a slogan swap?

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