Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Arnold Schwarzenegger's philosophy from 'Blueprint to Cut' video

You can find the wisest of words in the oddest of places. When I watched this video made Bodybuilding.com, I had to grab my notebook and pen almost immediately.

Here are my scribblings:
  • The mind-muscle connection is important.
  • The biggest mistake people make is that they go to the gym and then 'go through the motions'. They don't have their 'mind inside the muscle'.
  • Concentrate.
  • Arnie talks about observing people who looked like they were bored, like they didn't want to be there, like they didn't even know why they were training. They were not 'inside the bicep', or 'inside the lat muscle' when they did rowing exercises.
  • Arnie would do donkey calf raises with three people on his back and he would be thinking that he's got to be 'inside the calf' to make them split.
  • You have to feel the muscles.
  • When Arnie and his comrades went to the gym, they would go in, drop their bag and hit the work-out.
  • Rest is good but not the kind of rest when you wander off to make a phone call, which takes you out of the zone (it's hard to get back in it). You train or you don't.
  • If you do something, then do it, go all out.
  • Everyone has a favourite exercise. Different exercises suit different people. 
  • What are you more hungry for is really the question. To eat and look like everyone else or becoming Mr Olympia.
  • Have a deadline. Having a deadline in mind channels and focuses your energy, whether it's a body building competition or a movie, or looking good for the summer. It doesn't matter. You need a sense of urgency.
  • If you don't have a specific plan, then you wander around. You can have the best ship or plane in the world but if you don't have a specific plan of where you want to go and when you want to get there, you just drift around and you never get anywhere. 
  • Have a vision. People rarely become successful by accident. Some people may have struck gold in the California gold rush, but don't rely on it.
  • Sit down, take your time, and figure out what you want to do. This is what motivates you. It helps you enjoy it and look forward to the challenge of working towards it.
  • Every rep and every set gets you one step closer to making your vision a reality.
  • Arnie lacked confidence as a youngster, but when he won his first and second little trophies, it made him feel like a somebody. Every little victory builds you up.
  • Public speaking. He would admire Reg Park, a body builder who would give long speeches after the competitions. Park encourages Arnie to start saying a few words by feeding him lines. Over time, Arnie became confident in speaking. 
  • Time management: The hours were too precious to waste. Of the 24 hours available, Arnie didn't want to waste a single one. When the president of America and the pope have time to work out, then you have the time to work out. You make the time.
  • Not everyone has the desire to be a champion, not everyone has the desire to stand on stage and win Mr. Olympia and all the titles, no, but you can apply the same principles
  • On training: Sometimes the body will hit a wall due to the known routine. You have to shock it with different reps, weights, etc. When you hit a wall, change things up and keep the body guessing and adapting.


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