Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Book quotes: Johnny Bunko

I just discovered some old scribblings from a book called Johnny Bunko, a pretty decent graphic novel type book about career advice which I read back in 2011:

There is no plan
Life isn't an algebra problem. You can make career decisions for two different types of reasons:

- Instrumental: because you think it's going to lead to something else regardless of whether you enjoy it or its worthwhile.
- Fundamental reasons - because you think it's inherently valuable regardless if what it may or may not lead to.

Instrumental reasons usually don't work. Things are too complicated, too unpredictable. ...The most successful people – not all of the time but most of the time – make decisions for fundamental reasons. They take a job or join a company because it will let them do interesting work in a cool place – even if they don’t know exactly where it will lead. They’re not fools [they don't just follow any whim], they’re enlightened pragmatists.

Ask what activities create flow for you?
Stop worrying about your weaknesses and focus and start using your strengths.

Think strengths, not weaknesses.

You're here to serve, not to self-actualise....the most successful people improve their lives by improving others' lvies. That's where they focus their eneergy, talent and brainpower. > it's not about you.

Persistence trumps talent
Intrinsic motivation is important because you simply like doing the thing you do versus doing it purely for an external reward. The more intrinsic motivation you have, the more likely you are to persist and the more you persist, the more more likely you are to succeed.

Make excellent mistakes.

Get some exercise - there is nothing like a good run to clear the head.

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