Friday, January 30, 2015

Why you should forget about smart televisions

These days, TV manufacturers like to offer smart tv functionality, which just isn't a smart option. Admittedly, 'smart' is a default on a lot of tv's, however if you are in between choosing a regular tv versus spending a few quid extra for one with built-in internet functionality, then go for the former, not the latter.

The fact is, all tv's are internet capable. For between £25-£50 you can buy an wifi internet enabler such as  Google's Chrome, or a Roku device which stream glorious internet stations to your screen. The key benefits compared of these little devices compared against the built-in internet option are:

- The devices are portable across tv's.
- If the internet hardware gets fried, it's easily replaced.
- The software on these devices is constantly updated. In contrast, smart tv internet software is created not by software specialists but by tv manufacturers and may be clunky. It certainly won't be updated as often.
- Some smart tv's actually still require wifi dongles i.e. they are internet capable, or internet ready, but you will still need to shell out additional bucks on a dongle to make the whole thing work. Major let down.

I've just had a quick trial of Roku (Tesco are offering a Roku device for half price with every tv purchase, which is a pretty rare deal), and it's extremely user friendly and can sync up to your ipad nice and easy.


Anonymous said...

Holly from Canada here.
This post saved us a bunch of money!
I had no idea this existed and we now can enjoy netflix and not have to replace our failing dvd player.

Thanks Riz Din!

Riz said...

Glad you found the post helpful Holly : )