Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 approaches - resolutions roll over

I've had quite an eventful quarter. Over the past three months I: sold my flat; moved out of one rented property and into another (gone from a rectangular shaped room to a pleasing square shape); started trading again (just a little); scrapped my old car and bought another (a VW Golf that turned out to be quite the lemon); and changed jobs (made an excursion out of the realm of Finance and into the world of Gas Logistics/Operations). I also managed to read a bucket load of books, which is always to the good.

Thoughts now turn to resolutions for 2015. Figuring that it just can't be a wise move to chart the course of the next three hundred and sixty five days based on little more than a few hours deliberations before the turn of the year, I've decided to roll over my previous year's resolutions, although I have switched out an 'eat better' resolution for "be charitable to myself and to others". I've also added a 'for consideration' list.

Resolutions for 2015
- get outside more
- move around some
- know thyself
- eat more cheeses
- stand taller
- arrange more objects at right angles
- speak less bad and more good
- have good conversations
- keep on at it
- be charitable to myself and to others

Also for consideration
- fail more
- stay in flux
- practice calm mind

The short list format goes against the best practice of creating a process to achieve each goal, settings targets and tracking progress with as much quantification as possible. However, this is the very point. I do not have a goal to transform myself in any grand way, and am just looking for little improvements around the edges. After all, we've all tried the 'New Year = New Me" approach and we know how it ends:

Reverand Robert Hall in 'Beauties of Robert Hall' in 1839.

School of Life video on New Year's Resolutions (I like how they throw 'learn about economics' into the mix):

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