Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Book: The Greek Myths by Robin Waterfield and Kethryn Waterfield

I haven't lost myself in a book in a while, but it happened with Greek Myths by Robin and Katheryn Waterfield. At less than 300 pages long, the Waterfields have done well to cram in so many of the Greek myths while keeping the tales grippingly entertaining. The first third of the book proved a bit of a slog , which is probably my fault for trying to read the book just before going to the sleep - it's hard to keep track of who's who when the brain is on the verge of dozing off! As things progressed (and as I added some day-time reading sessions) the stories became much more involved, with a rich interplay between gods and humans. I haven't finished the book yet but had to blog about it as it has just moved in to five star territory. A more detailed post will follow once the book is complete.

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