Saturday, September 06, 2014

TV: Hell on Wheels (Seasons 1-3)

It's not quite up there with Breaking Bad but Hell on Wheels is a great, overlooked Western from AMC. It's set during the great railway expansion from East to West, when railways were at each others throats, corruption was rife, much of the terrain largely unknown, and threats around every corner. The protagonist in the series is the mostly admirable Cullen Bohannen, a simple guy with a code of ethics that reminds me of the typical cowboy (here I am talking about the cowboys as played by Clint Eastwood in the movies that dotted my childhood - men of few words, sometimes hell bent on revenge, and always with a deep sense of right and wrong).

The story arc is kind of weird and kind of hotch-potch, but there's plenty of entertainment packed into 40 minutes and and the production quality is first rate.

Worth a look-see.


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Christopher said...

Mister Booooohannon! I'm a gonna kill yoooou!