Friday, August 29, 2014

Golf - a decent score before falling apart at the seams

This May I achieved a personal best at my local golf course, completing 9 holes for a total of 45. The scorecard included five pars and all was proceeding rather smoothly, right to the end, but then the pressure of the final hole proved too much and I crumpled and folded in on myself, completing the last par-5 hole for an abysmal score of 9.

Today I went around the same 9 holes in 46 shots. The first 8 holes included decent tee shots all the way, as well as some pretty decent iron play, but the putting was mediocre and costly. And guess what, the cursed final hole had it's dirty way with me; once again I collapsed on the par 5 and it took a painful 8 shots to complete.

My game has been all over the place this year, a real helter-skelter performance, but the fact that I can string together a few good holes fills me with hope for a decent round and keeps me coming back for more self-inflicted pain and punishment. This is the disease commonly known as golf.

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