Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Film: Expendables 3

After seeing the low ratings from both critics and the general audience. I was a tad hesitant about watching the The Expendables III. However, on "cheap Tuesday" such chances can afford to be taken, and Ex3 proved a chance worth taking. The cheese is laid on thick and fast in this third installment of this geriatric actioner, and the story is little more than a vehicle for lots of set piece action, but the action is first rate, delivering endless variety of shooting, fighting and blowing-up of all kinds of buildings and modes of transport. Also, the naff dialogue makes it all the better for not taking itself too seriously, even if many of the lines could have done with some re-work. The question is where can Stallone take the franchise next? The veteran Expendables seem to be on their way out while the young bucks lack sufficient appeal and brawn to carry the franchise to new grounds. Let's see where Sly takes it.


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