Sunday, July 06, 2014

Wimbledon 2014

Alas, the annual Wimbledon tennis frenzy is over. The women's final this year was an extremely one sided affair, lasting just around an hour. The quality of tennis from the champion (Kvitova) was first rate but her opponent (Bouchard) didn't get a look in. With Wimbledon finals tickets for going for a song, I'm sure many people felt a little cheated, although in compensation they did get to witness a fantastic doubles final later in the evening. In contrast, the men's final this year (Federer vs Djokovic) was a finely balanced, grade A, balls to the wall, nerve wracking, knuckle biting, sweat inducing, battle of strength, stamina and skill. Kitchen sinks were thrown over and over, lapses were punished, and come backs were swift. The match was a four hour masterclass in in class and fortitude by two great ambassadors of the game. Tennis was the winner, along with Djokovic. Federer also proved to the armchair doubters that he still has what it takes, although I'm sure he doesn't give a jot about what the scribblers from the sidelines think. The guy still loves the game and it shows.

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