Saturday, July 05, 2014

Mobile phone renewal

Here is a picture of the phones I've had over the years:

I received the last phone six years ago, in 2008. Here it in the close up:

Nokia 6300

Apart from a few nicks and scratches, the old work horse has held up surprisingly well over the years. However, in recent weeks, the battery wouldn't hold its charge for more than a few minutes of talk time and it was also worryingly swollen to the point where I could hardly get the back plate back on.

I did look at a few smart phones as potential replacements but in the end opted for a new battery (just £2.99) and a SIM-only EE deal for £9.99 a month (12 mth contract), which includes 500 minutes talk time and 500 texts and also still includes a valuable, free home broadband deal which I took up way back when. Hopefully, the little solid brick will keep going for a little while longer.  : )

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