Sunday, June 08, 2014

The old E-bay switcheroo

My sports locker undergone a modest transformation. I sold the above Ping Zings on E-bay for a touch under what than I paid for them last year, and have channelled the funds into a tennis racquet, also purchased on E-bay. I may have overpaid a little for the racket but it is a rare Wilson Hyper Hammer, a model I tend to love. My current racquet is the newer model Wilson K factor Bold, but new isn't always best. The feel is my racket is okay but it isn't quite on the money. I expect the Hammer to do wonders for my game ... cough, cough, focusing illusion, cough, good tradesman and his tools, cough.

Going back to the golfing situation, I forgot to mention that after scoring a 9-hole personal best at our home course (Bird Hills), I improved on the number (scored 42 vs par 35) shortly thereafter on a much tougher course (Wexham). I haven't been practicing at all this year and put the good scores down to either my new clubs - some rusty but trusty Calloway X-20s which I purchased last year - and the fact that I am now carrying the full spectrum of irons, instead of just the odd numbers. Consistency is still all over the place though and I still don't know whether Jekyll or Hyde has turned up until I tee-up the first shot of the day.

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