Monday, June 16, 2014

A few films recently watched on Netlfix

The Firefox Add-on is still working a treat, providing access to the much wider Netflix US movie catalogue. Recent movies enjoyed include:

- Never Back Down 2 (featuring and directed by Michael Jai White) 4/5
- New Order (excellent South Korean cop/mafia movie along the lines of The Departed) 4.5/5
- Drug War (an over rated Hong Kong crime procedural) 3/5
- The Grandmaster (a good movie from Wong Kar-Wai, but perhaps a touch too much style over substance) 3.5/5

A nice quote from The Grandmaster: 'In life, ability isn't everything. Some thrive in light, others in shadows. The times make us who we are'.

- Jiro Dreams of Sushi (exquisite documentary about devotion and dedication to perfection) 4/5

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