Monday, May 05, 2014

The ephemeral moment of golfing glory

A few days ago, I reported on a personal best in my golf game. Well, I've just had another round where I scored an abysmal 50+ on both the front 9 and back 9. Drives were wayward, irons were scuffed, and several short putts were missed. To make matters worse, I also 'donated' half a dozen balls to the course. Ah, the game I love and know.

Here are some of the 'special' factors behind my record round, noted for posterity:

  • Gym training just before the round, strengthening core stability (positive)
  • Under dressed, wearing a single layer polo-shirt in cold evening conditions (negative)
  • Forgot to bring golf spikes, leaving me to wear my less stable trainers on the course (negative)
  • Stepped into a big puddle, resulting in a soaking of my foot (negative)
  • Heavily waterlogged course, knocking yards off our drives and irons but also making the greens more 'controlled' with a less 'glassy' feeling (positive and negative)

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