Monday, May 19, 2014

The egg white-yolk spread

It appears that Americans are demanding more and more products that use egg whites instead of using whole eggs. McDonalds has the egg white muffin which hasn't hit our shores yet, and which McD's say is "destined to become a classic".

I'm not anti McDonalds but this burger doesn't look very appealing:

Interestingly, the Financial Times reports that egg white and yolks are traded as separate commodity products and the spread has widened as the egg white stocks have taken a dive, which of course pushes up prices.

I find this a bit odd as people seem to be driven by health concerns, and yet the cholesterol in a person's diet has been shown not to have the relationship to cholesterol in the human body that we once thought. The science on this is quite clear and health advice even from the likes of the British Heart Foundation has acknowledged the facts. This suggests the egg white burger is not designed to become a classic but a flash in the pan, until the next dietary fad has its way.

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