Saturday, May 03, 2014

Interrupting the book quotes series with a golfing personal best

I managed to score a personal best (45) on the back 9 at our local golf course (par 36) this evening, with five pars, a few bogeys, and a mare of a final hole (took a 9) which I'd like to pretend never happened!

It's difficult to say what drove this rare bout of relative consistency. Having just been to the gym, I felt a bit more innately powerful and controlled than usual (did the cable wood chop exercise help?), and my mind was also less lofty in its ambitions and zest, allowing me to get on with the basics. Of course, had I blown out in the round I would have find a way to blame these very same factors. The reality is I don't know what elements were casual here, so may just have to resort to superstitious ritual following, hoping for a repeat performance!

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