Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bracknell Forest Mountain Biking

off-road and gripped? ...let's go chew up the dirt

I've recently been on a few mountain biking trips at The Lookout in Bracknell Forest. The first trip was a tentative venture as I hadn't ridden a bike for some 15 years (it turns out that it is, as they say, as easy as riding a bike). The cycle hire place (Swinley Bike Hub) rents out the bikes pictured above for a reasonable fee of £15 for two hours (including helmets), which is just enough time to do run yourself silly on the tracks and finish up feeling totally spent. The sprawling course also provides ample opportunity to get a little lost if you venture off the tracks (thank god for phones with GPS!).

When you pull up to the The Lookout, it looks like a sanitised and family friendly venue, and it is, but once you are on the trails, it can fast become a test of stamina and staying power - one wrong move and you will be wiped out, with potential serious injury. Focus is key and you are forced to lose yourself in the activity. Highly recommended to those who want to do burn up some calories while spraying around a little mud.

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