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Book Quotes: The Art of Living Treasure Chest by Wilferd A.Peterson (part 7/7)


Revolution is the process of drastic change.

Sometimes there is a need for a personal revolution within ourselves.

In a personal revolution you are your own enemy and self-conquest is your goal.

A personal revolution is a revolt against wrong, despondent, hopeless thinking.

It is a bold offensive to change habits, thought patterns, actions, and establish a new way of life.

It is an about-face. It is turning a corner, taking a new road, moving in a new direction.

It is breaking the bonds of slavery to the past that your may walk in freedom.

It is implanting creative and constructive thoughts in your mind, to destroy the weeds of negative thinking.

It is sweeping away the decaying foundations of your life that stronger and mkore enduring ones may be laid for you to build upon.

It is shaking yourself awake, coming alive, re-establishing your hopes and dreams.

It is waging a battle against complacency, self-satisfaction and inertia. It is stopping drift. It is grabbing the oars and rowing with purpose.

It is overcoming the failure complex by beginning to act as though you cannot fail.

It is a declaration of independence from all that would drag you down, and it is reaching our for all that will lift you up.


It is being courteous even to those who are discourteous. Is is striving to avoid a reaction of irritation in spite of the most severe provocation.

It is coming forward to meet others with warmth, graciousness and a hospitable spirit.

It is using a shock-absorber to smooth the jars and jolts of daily living; words that express kindness, consideration and gratitude.

It is putting people at ease, helping them to relax. It is recognising the worth of the individual, protecting his dignity, inspiring him to think well of himself.

It is keeping constantly in mind the words of Emerson: “Life is not so short but that there is always time for courtesy”.

The Art of TENSION

The philosophy of “easy does it” meets no challenge, records no progress.

Man does not win a race, climb a mountain, write a book, give a speech, paint a picture, develop an invention, found a business, or do anything that matters without tension. Tension quickens the senses, alerts the mind and body.

Tension is your friend. It is concern, excitement, stimulation, drive. It is you mobilised, applying best that is in you to the task before you. It is all of your powers organised and concentrated for victory.

Tension has an evil side. When extreme and sustained, it often kills. Extreme rest and ease, on the other hand, deadens initiative and extinguishes the creative spark. The secret is this: Balance tension with rest.

The Master of men withdrew to the mountain, desert and lake to rest, meditate and renew His spirit that he might return with new strength to His great work. He said: “Come ye apart into a desert place and rest awhile.”

Every man needs a place of rest…his own Walden Pond. Thus he recharges himself, so he can be tense again in a good cause.

Tension and relaxation can be instantly balanced even in the midst of action. Close your eyes for a moment and fly away from tension on the wings of imagination…see yourself on the shores of a quiet kale or walking through a sunny meadow. A wise scientists counsels: “Use you moments of unavoidable delay to relax and build up your energy reserves.”

No tension alone, not relaxation alone, but both in balance is the key to creative living.


It is having a humble spirit and being done with pride and self-pity. It is taking a step toward the practice of forgiveness. Hate is death, forgiveness is life.

When you forgive you change others and you change yourself.

Forgiveness is the way to personal peace.


When he acknowledges that he is the heir of infinite riches he did not create.

When he considers how little he knows of all there is to know. When he understand how the philosopher Will Durant felt, when he wrote on his seventy-fifth birthday: “I feel like a drop of water trying to understand the ocean”

Because he knows so little about so much he becomes teachable, open-minded and flexible. He never stops growing.

Because he realises his own limitations he becomes more tolerant and understanding of others.


Man’s greatest freedom is the freedom to think.

Man’s mind has immense scope. “The mind”, wrote Lewis Mumford, “is a power station, a storage warehouse, a library, a theatre, a museum, a hall of archives, a court of justice, a seat of government.”


Tolerance radiates good will. It disagrees agreeably. It unites men in spirit even though they are a thousand miles apart in their convictions.

Tolerance refuses to hate. Booker T.Washington put it well when he said, “I will not permit any man to narrow and degrade my soul by making me hate him.”


Common sense is pragmatic. It is what William James called “the cash value of an idea” It is a method that works, a truth that can be applied.

The Art of CRISIS

Crisis is challenge. It can challenge you to create a new life. Out of disappointment and defeat, out of illness and despair you can find victory.

Crisis is a test and those who meet it and overcome it become stronger in the process.

Crisis is your chance to meet a problem head-on, wrestle with it and win.

The art of a crisis is to meet each new crisis with a heroic spirit.


Out of a block of ivory, Pygmalion chiselled the form of a beautiful woman, Galatea. As he worked with the inspired zeal a miracle happened. Galatea cam to life!

Work miracles with praise. Appreciations accelerates accomplishment. Men go on to bigger things when they are made to feel that their work is worthwhile.

Work miracles by painting visions. Help men to see themselves as the men they can become.

Promising careers have been abandoned because men were afraid. Cheer people on. Instill courage in their hearts.

The power of a good example is greatest miracle-working power of all.


Grow from what you are into what you desire. Live to learn and learn to live.

Grow in all directions. Cultivate the whole man. Develop a desire for goodness, an eagerness for knowledge, a capacity for friendship, an appreciation for beauty, a concern for others.

Grow an inquisitive mind. Remember the Chinese proverb: “He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes, he who does not ask a question is a fool forever.”  You can learn from everyone and everything.

Grow in awareness. Keep the channels of your senses alert to all that goes on outside of you.

Grow in new directions. Do not stagnate in the back-wash of outworn tradition. Respect the past, learn its lessons, then be alive to inquiry and change. Explore new areas and ideas.

Grow! Man is never finished. Man never arrives. Education never stops.

The Art of JOY
The art of joy is having a love affair with life.

It is looking for the joys that come in small, precious packages and making the most of them, knowing that big packages of joy are few and far between.


More important that what others say to him is what he says to himself. A man’s life is shaped by the way he habitually talks to himself.

A man can transform his life by switching the emphasis of his inner conversation to words that lift and inspire.

He can talk strength into his backbone so he will have the courage to stand up to life.

He can talk himself into accepting hardships and handicaps and enduring them with a gallant spirit.

He can talk himself into seeing his duties and responsibilities in a new light – as opportunities and privileges.

He can talk to himself about the beauty, glory, and wonder of life so it will glow with a new radiance.

He can talk to himself about his dreams, hopes and aspirations. He can convince himself that there is a place for him and an important work for him to do.

“Nobody”, wrote Cicero, “can give you wiser advice than yourself”


Decision is the spark that ignites action. Until a decision is made nothing happens.

Decision does not straddle the fence. It takes a firm stand on one side or the other.

Decision can lead to the mountaintop. It can also cause a man to fall to the valley below. But without decision no mountains are climbed.

Deciding to delay making a decision can be a decision in itself. Many times it is best for one calmly and expectantly to “wait on the Lord” until more light comes.

Decision often concentrates resolve.

Decision awakens the spirit of man. It gives him a goal, a purpose, a reason for being alive…The great decision comes first, the great work follows.

Decide now who you will serve. Decisions is the first step toward going somewhere.


It is great to be alive to the best in life. To be alive to only material possessions and goals is to live in the shallows. Launch out into the deep where the treasures are!

It is great to have a free mind. Break down the walls of prejudice, fear and limitation. Have the courage to think your own thoughts, speak your own mind and live your own life.

In an age of push use the magnetic pull of gentleness.

It is great to multiply greatness. Feed other minds and help them to grow. Guide them in the art of discovery. Inspire others to live great lives.

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