Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bobby's Almond Fingers

These here are my Achille's heel, the deadly of the deadliest weaknesses that will bring me down. You will find this cake biscuit product in the 'dirty food' corner in many newsagents and corner shops. There is no pretense of organic or natural. No, I imagine these sticks of pure addiction are made in an industrial estate in a desolate post-industrial wasteland where the sun never shines and workers forever dream of escape. The typeface for the listed ingredients is small enough so as not to make me inspect in detail. I am glad there is no information on calories or saturated or trans fats because when I bite into these bad boys and taste the succulent goodness, every swallow pings my brain with a subtle message reminding the better side of my nature that all the soft happiness from the cake comes  from  fats that could well be the collected by waste product from oil changes at car garage...the hint that this is not suitable for human consumption permeates everything to do with this product: the shelve space in the shop (the overlooked section where products often collect a grimy dust), the manufacturer's range of other industrial looking cakes and biscuits, and the long list of 'please don't look too closely' ingredients.

And yet, time after time, I will buy a pack of these and they will all be gone before the day is over.

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