Saturday, April 26, 2014

Book Quotes: The Art of Living Treasure Chest by Wilferd A.Peterson (part 2/7)


It is developing the deep sensitivity through which you may suffer and know tragedy, and die a little, but through which you will also experience the grandeur of human life.

It is following the philosophy of Albert Schweitzer who teaches “reverence for life” from ants to men; it is developing a sense of oneness with all life.

It is keeping mentally alert to all that goes on around you; it is being curious, observant, imaginative that you may build an ever increasing fund of knowledge of the universe.

It is searching for beauty everywhere, in a flower, in a mountain, a machine, a sonnet and a symphony.

It is enlarging the scope of your life through the expansion of your personality.

It is through growing awareness that you stock and enrich your memory…and as a great philosopher has said: “A man thinks with his memory.”


He recognises his sovereign control of his own mind and decided what will enter his Mental Kingdom through his sense gateways; he thinks for himself, considers the evidence, seeks the truth and builds his life upon it.

He keeps an open mind, observing, analysing, considering, questioning – looking for the hidden key which will unlock the problem.

He thinks of his mind as a factory and gives it the raw material, the facts and the data, from which his ideas are fashioned.

He strives to develop a mature mind without losing the simplicity of childhood.

He creates ideas with humility knowing that behind the idea that he calls his own are the thoughts and efforts of many men.

The Art of FAILURE

He who hopes to avoid all failure and misfortune is trying to live in a fairyland; the wise man realistically accepts failures as a part of life and builds a philosophy to meet them and make the most of them.

He does not set for himself the impossible ideal of always being successful in everything.

He does the best he can and then with a serene spirit accepts what comes.

He recognises that although he cannot always control what happens to him, he can always control how he responds to his failures.

He rises to the challenge of failure as did Mark Twain when he wrote, “A few fly bites cannot stop a spirited horse.”

He keeps on keeping on.


When he has the daring to open doors to new experiences and to step boldly forth to explore strange horizons.

When he is unafraid of new ideas, new theories and new philosophies.

When he has the curiosity to experiment…to test and try new ways of living and thinking.

When he breaks the chain of routine and renews his life through reading new books, travelling to new places, making new friends, taking up new hobbies and taking up new viewpoints.

When he considers life a constant quest for the noblest and the best.

The Art of SELLING

Selling is not limited to people called salesmen, for we all have something to sell, and that includes you!

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