Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Book: The Art of Living Treasure Chest by Wilferd A.Peterson

I cannot recall what made me break my vow not to read “improving” books like The Art of Living. Whatever the reason, I am glad for the override, because The Art of Living is a special book that deserves to be read widely. Unlike so many other books that belong to the 'self-improving' genre, this inspirational book does not pretend to be letting the reader in on life’s secrets. Reading it felt more like sitting down with a wise old man who is speaking from a lifetime of experience, sharing the essential knowledge on key aspects on living a measured, fulfilling live. It is a reminder of what we know already, but sometimes that which we know deeply needs to be brought to the surface.

At first, I felt a little cheated because the “essays” turned out to be little more than ten or twelve sentences, spread over two pages. And then I appreciated that each line had been carefully considered and that the clean, unfussy, presentation forced me to slow down and deliberate over the points.  The Art of Living is a resounding success.

I will collate and present my favourite quotes in future posts.


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