Sunday, April 20, 2014

Apple and the 4th generation shuffle .... finally

I have a love-hate relationship with Apple. Their itunes software is infuriating when trying to sync podcasts between multiple devices; the battery on my ipod wasted away to render it worthless due to the fact that I didn't charge it on a regular basis (thanks for letting me know about this, Apple!); and I can't charge my ipod from my ipad, which is extremely annoying as it means I am forced to install itunes on my pc, and due to the first problem, my Apple ecosystem is completely disjointed.

On the upside, I can't find an MP3 player for gym use that comes close to the ipod Shuffle, a solid little square that is ultra reliable. For me, the key problem with the old 2nd generation shuffle was that if you have both podcasts and gym music on the device, everything is uploaded as a single playlist which means that you have to scroll through to get to what you want, which gets annoying. But what is this, I see the new Shuffle (4th generation) has added playlist functionality, so switching between podcasts and music will be a doddle. This will be forty odd quid well spent, even if it does pain me to work with itunes - I previously found the software so annoying that I left my playlist unchanged for some three years!

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