Sunday, April 06, 2014

An observation ... if you write a blog post in the woods and there is no one around to read it

...does it exist?

So I have replaced my dead Thinkpad X32 with its evolutionary successor, the X200, which is a rather nice machine with a full sized keyboard that will make blogging a little bit easier. X200s can be picked up on ebay, with 4GB of ram, for just over £100, and represent very good value indeed. My machine needed some superglue around the screen, but beyond this glitch it still feels as sturdy as a rock.

After a three week absence from blogging, I logged in to my account today to discover that the number of readers today was around 330, which is no different to what it was when I was actively blogging. It's my own little Turing test from which I can deduce the main core of my readers comprise software scripts that scour my pages, looking for keywords like a drunkard scrambling around in the dark looking for his lost keys, submitting interesting but completely incoherent spam marketing comments. We will play this game for a while longer, my wild abandoned children of the ether.

This is good news because it means that I can flood my blog with content of personal relevance, without any view to playing to an audience. Be warned though, cherished humans and bots alike, for there will come a time when this blog goes off line, although by the time this is ready to take effect it was have hopefully morphed into something that is so recognisably non-blog that my meat-based readers will have long deserted. If I am successful, the go-dead date will be 13th September 2015, marking a decade of incoherent ramblings.

: )

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Christopher said...

Don't forget that the more you post, the more posts there are for people to find, so an average number of readers might yet be maintained, as searchers of the web increasingly find relevance in your ramblings.

That's what I tell myself...