Saturday, March 15, 2014

Film: Robocop (2014)

The Robocop reboot is a little better than I expected but the benchmark set by the original was simply too high. 

Also, like the first Christopher Nolan "Batman", I felt Robocop spent way too long on the 'how Robocop came to be' story, possibly keeping too material in reserve in case there was enough demand to warrant a sequel. The special effects were pretty good in the movie, and the dystopian future painted by film seems ever closer and resonant, but the film just wasn't engaging enough.

That said, there is one great bit in the original., where Robocop is pitted against a horde of police robots. He obliterates them with ease, but the cool bit is how his biomechanics have been altered: without being aware of it, he switches to an automatic mode when engaged in combat, however after the event his human brain rationalises his actions as excellent work on his own part. Whether this was deliberate or not, it is a great clip that highlights how the human brain works; that we are creatures of instinct and automatic responses, but our brain often rationalises and post-processes these instinctual actions into lies of self-control. For that, Robocop gets an extra star.


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