Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Poem: "Batstork" by Riz Din

 The ducks, and geese and swans,
vie for the attentions, of the passers by;
who click their shutters, and cast their eye.
Yet, there I stand, still and tall;
in view, yet invisible.
Silent guardian of the flock;
Whisper my name: I am Batstork.

The idea for this poem came to me this morning as I walked along the Thames. The black stork in the picture was majestically spreading its wings in the morning sun, creating a silhouette like image of Batman. The stork was in plain view but was not seen by any of the passing tourists, who were rushing along looking at the ducks and swans a level below.

Addendum -  A friendly comrade with ornithological leanings has noted my gross misclassification: the stork was and always will be a cormorant. Batcormorant!

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