Friday, December 13, 2013

South Park

This show can be really vulgar and crude, so much so that some episodes make me want to stop watching. Indeed, some times I do stop watching. However, most episodes are sheer brilliance, hitting the mark in terms of comedy and in terms of the unique cultural commentary they provide. Also, they are only just over twenty minutes long so there is little time for filler. The series doesn't seem to have a particular political leaning and instead pokes fun at grown-ups beliefs and behaviours and at society in general. The show's broad subversiveness is refreshing, with nobody and no concept off limits for a good mocking. If you can withstand the filth, and there is a lot of it, then this really should be on your watch list.

With my Netflix subscription due to expire in a week or so (it's a great service but I only really took it out for Breaking Bad), I have been piling in South Park Episodes over the past month. Here are my favourites from Seasons 13 & 14:

Season 13
  • The Coon (Cartman turns superhero)
  • Magaritaville (great commentary on the economic collapse)
  • Fishsticks (contains a nice lesson on ego and warped memories)
  • Flatbeard (Cartmen goes to Somali to become a pirate and show them how its done)
  • WTF (the crew attract a following with their back yard wrestling shows)
  • Whale wars (a great episode, with a moral lesson as a finisher)
Season 14
  • It's a Jersey Thing
  • Insheeption
  • Coon 2: Hindsight
  • Mysterion Rises
Season 15 also contained loads of crackers.

Below are a couple clips from the above episodes. I look forward to returning to the show in the future.

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