Saturday, December 21, 2013

Shia LaBeouf the copyist

I have never been a fan of Shia LaBeof the actor. However, Shia LaBeof the plagiarist is a very interesting specimen.

Earlier this year he apologised to the actor Alec Baldwin by cutting and pasting text from an Esquire article. More recently, his applauded short film turned out to be a complete, uncredited rip-off that was passed off as his own work. He then apologised with a plagiarised apology. The original artist is considering legal action. A commenter in the linked article highlights further plagiarism in LaBeouf's description of his film.

Elsewhere, I read in an MTV article that LaBeouf self-published a comic titled "Let's F---ing Party" in which he steals lines from a Bukowski poem. Furthermore, the "About" section of LaBeouf's website "" is a rip-off of the about section of another publishing company called Picturebox. His tweets have also been called out as being unoriginal copies of other journalists, critics, etc. Perhaps as a self-parody at being called out, he has gone on to tweet several more plagiarised apologies.

Of course, we are all plagiarists to some extent, since our thoughts and work is influenced by what we absorb from our environment. However, most folk do not copy and paste the work of others or steal ideas without giving credit where it is due.

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