Saturday, November 09, 2013


"Wonga did not create modern Britain; modern Britain created Wonga."

Tim Harford has written a useful piece of commentary on the much reviled Wonga. It is worth reading to assist the reader in breaking above and beyond the political-culture induced, snap response of high-minded indignation, towards something a little less black and white but a lot more considered.

I see Ed Miliband has described Wonga as one of the "worst symbols of this cost of living crisis". Unfortunately for all of us, the default response for any politician will always be to look outward and point fingers, not for the betterment of the masses but for obvious purposes of self-promotion. It takes a brave and reckless soul to infiltrate the political ranks and turn on the system that he is part of, turning the fingers of damnation to those around him, including perhaps even himself the reproach.

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