Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Book review - ditched read: Pandamonium by Humphrey Jennings

Pandamonium is a gem for students of history. The book collects together excerpts from letters, diaries, journal and other writings from various people and institutions as the Industrial Revolution slowly unfolded, and in doing so provides a vivid sense of time and place of a key moment in British history.

I decided to quit this book half-way through because it is a little long for my liking and many of the excerpts didn't quite hold my interest. That said, even though I was skim reading many of the pieces, together the multitude of accounts succeeded in weaving a rich picture of great upheaveal as scientific progress gave birth to machinery, manufacturing, wonder and unrest.

This is a good book to own and dip into every now and then. It is less useful when loaned from a library as you feel a need to "work" your way through it instead of reading snippets and spending time pondering over their meanings.

*** (I borrowed Pandamonium from the library)

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